If you are remodeling your kitchen then you can choose the marble benchtops because these benchtops come in various colors and they are heat resistant. There are a number of ways to give your kitchen a new look in limited budget but changing the countertops is the best of all. The main reason behind this is that it is one of the most important parts of the kitchen and when that is changed, it ought to give the kitchen a new look.

What are the differences between granite and marble benchtops?

There are a number of options of benchtops to choose from such as granite, marble, timber, laminate etc. these options vary in prices as well as have different features. The most preferred ones are granite and marble. Over the years, granite was the option chosen for countertops but today, people prefer installing the marble benchtops for a number of reasons. Marble stone are fully heat resistant and it is very easy to clean the marble surface in the kitchen. Due to everyday cooking, you may find some stains and rust on the benchtops and you can also find some scratches on these tops. It is impossible to remove these scratches and stains. But when you install the marble benchtops in your kitchen, you can easily remove these stains and you do not need to apply any chemicals for this. You can just remove these rust, stains and scratches by plain water only. But granite benchtops cannot provide you scratch and rust resistant power as the marble surface.

What are the benefits of marble benchtops?

In case you are confused between granite and marble, before you take a decision it is wise for you to know the reasons why people prefer marble today. Below mentioned are the reasons that you need to consider that will help you take the right decision:

  • Beauty:
  • One of the greatest architects of the world was the ancient Romans. In their ancient construction, they used many stones and travertine. To design intricacies on the floor, marble was used. It is one stone that is ageless beauty and one of the most preferred ones for a number of construction purposes. The finest sculptures in the world are made from marble and the reason behind this is it possesses a lot of unique features. The appearance of your kitchen will be enhanced drastically with installing the marble benchtops.

  • Long lasting:
  • One of the most important features and benefits of installing these countertops is that they are long lasting. There is no need for you to replace it after a couple of years. When well maintained, these can last you for decades. People have experienced that they move into a new house with the marble benchtops and leave the house with them. Thus, it will stay with you for life provided you maintain it well by cleaning regularly.

  • color options:
  • When you start looking out for the marble benchtops, you will notice that there are a number of color options available to suit your needs. Consider the layout of the kitchen and choose color accordingly. The color options available might not be the same at every supplier, thus ensure that you get as many options available from different suppliers so that you can choose the right one.

There is no doubt in the fact that marble is expensive when compared to other material used for countertops but it is worth the investment in a lot of ways. Once the benchtops are installed, there is no need for you to replace it as the beauty will never be out dated.